• 03/07/2017 ITP starts its Dual Professional Training programme

    ITP started its Dual Professional Training programme today with the enrolment of 19 students: nine are joining the company's central plant in Zamudio, where they will be working closely with the CFAA (Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Centre), and ten are joining the PCB plant in Barakaldo, where the company's casting operations are based.

  • 04/04/2017 ITP turnover up 9.9%, reaching 780 million euros in 2016

    ITP recorded turnover of 780 million euros in 2016, representing year on year growth of 9.9% and in-line with the company's forecast outlined in ITP's 2020 Strategic Plan.

    During the year, ITP's Commercial Aviation segment saw a 20.5% increase in activity, while Defence activity remained in line with 2015 and In Service Support recorded a slight 3.8% decrease.

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